Treatments & Prices

DermaSound Elite - $95

Uses water & low frequency Sonic Cavitation Technology to gently exfoliate up to 35% of the skins top layers, minimizing the effects of sun-damaged skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Comparable to microdermabrasion without the inflammation & irritation. A series of 3 to 6 are recommended. Call for package pricing! Price per treatment.

GlyMed Chocolate Facial Package - $125

Combined with the state-of-the-art DermaSound Elite treatment, this facial is drenched with over 300 powerful antioxidants & age-defying ingredients to detoxify skin & boost its metabolic functions. This treatment will banish the effects of sun exposure, stress & lifestyle imbalances to restore more youthful vigor & health to the skin. Call for individual pricing!

Chemical Peel - $75

Glycolic or lactic options to improve, renew & rejuvenate your skin and help erase fine lines, sun damage, age spots, mild discoloration, persistent acne and dull fatigued skin. Peels dissolve the skin's exterior intercellular matrix and increases the cell turnover. A series of 3-6 are recommended. Call for package pricing! Price per treatment.

GlyMed Tropical Enzyme - $65

A variety of papaya, pineapple & pomegranate enzymes will gently refine your skin's texture, boost collagen, re-hydrate, restore elasticity & firmness. This treatment concludes with a nourishing cocktail of serums to prevent & protect your skin from free-radical damage.

GlyMed Antioxidant Recovery - $65

Indulge in a relaxing & renewing facial for healthy, younger-acting and more resilient skin. Nourish & balance skin at the cellular level and restore radiance & luminosity. Great for mature, hyper-pigmented skin.

Age Management Treatment - $55

Gently cleanse, actively treat, restore balance and protect all skin types and colors for cellular rehabilitation. Addresses the individual challenges of frequently injured, photo-aged and environmentally-damaged skin.

Acne Management Treatment - $65

Using tested and refined state-of-the-art acne-fighting formulas to address characteristic problems that cause acne. This treatment works synergistically to restore healthy balance and aid in the reduction of acne lesions and scarring.

Sinus/Allergy Relief Treatment - $55

Using gentle rolling movements along the lymphatic system, this facial drains toxins from the face and neck area to reduce swelling and inflammation. An excellent choice for sinus relief but also for those with acne, rosacea or sensitive skin!

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial - $45

Gentle natural enzymes help reveal smoother, younger skin by removing dull, dry cells and increasing cell renewal rate. The nutrients can help soothe and reduce inflammation naturally, which can also help the skin recovery from acne-related damage.

Paraffin Moisturizing Treatment - $35

Hydrate your skin with warm, soothing paraffin for your face, hands or feet. Seals in moisture to help soften dry, cracked skin. Eases joint pain, inflammation and improves circulation.

Purifying Back Treatment - $65

Pamper the most neglected part of your body with this relaxing, deep-cleansing treatment. Includes exfoliation, light back, arm and hand massage.

Pumpkin Foot Treatment - $20

Give your feet a break! Softens and smoothes hard working feet...perfect as an add-on to any service.

Tinting - $15 to $25

A great way to instantly enhance your brows and/or lashes using one of several different colors of vegetable-based dyes to match your own coloring.

Facial Waxing - $15 to $55

From brow shaping to full face, facial waxing is one of the best removal methods for both males and females. Waxing hair removes it at the root and causes the hair to grow back slower and less thick over time.

Body Waxing - $15 to $65

Tired of shaving your underarms or bikini line or want to address hairs on your back, chest or legs, body waxing is the way to go for everyone! Get ready for a special event or the summer months by going hair-free.