The Owner

DeeAnne George

DeeAnne George

Owner, Licensed Esthetician

Hi, everyone! Thank you for visiting Shine9's website! Now that you know a bit about Shine9, I would like to introduce myself. As the owner of Shine9 and a licensed esthetician, I am centered on personalized care, professional standards and result-driven procedures. Having many years of experience in the medical field, I decided to extend my passion of health and beauty into the aesthectics field. My experience in advanced skin care has provided me with the keen ability to develop treatments and packages to address your skin concerns. Today's technologies and delivery systems stimulate cell function to repair and correct, targeting the needs of each individual. I am excited to get to know you and provide you with exceptional skin and body care solutions. Call or contact me via email today!

The Name


Shine9's Story

Behind The Name

The company name was derived from the company's core mission and the symbolism behind the number nine. The core mission to make YOU feel transformed and to walk out shining, from the experience and from the results. Now, for the number nine. Nine represents the three divine manifestations: world of the spirit, world of the soul and world of the matter. Basically, the number nine symbolizes the totality of the human being. In addition, it is the number of patience and harmony.

Alas came the name: Shine9...for the mind, body & soul!